Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The question of why?

I am pretty convinced I don't understand the why of most situations in life.

I am reminded of a story in the old testament and Joseph is sitting in jail. (which the question of why could be asked of his life). As he is sitting in the jail he has two men come up to him to interpret dreams they had. Long story short one is exaunerated and goes back to his normal life and the other is hung. There isn't much more back story to this story. I have no idea what either man did. But one life turned out pretty good the other not so good.

It is easy for me to physco analyze each situation and person I come in contact with. It is easy for me to judge and give an opinion and logical reasons why this person is in a good place in life or why they aren't. Of course the good place in life is by my definition.

As Mother Teresa said "If you judge people you have no time to love them." I have found that so true in my life. I can easily make the question of "why" center to each interaction I have with a person. But is that the most helpful and important part of my encounter with any person I meet?

If someone is different than me for any number of reasons (race, economic status, physical or mental ability or disability) does my opinion and pre determined ideas jump to the forefront of my mind?

I am trying to have peace without knowing the why answer for both my life and others around me. In the end my opinion on "why" really doesn't matter.

Loving people the second command behind loving God is so much more difficult than I realize. I wish the command had been love God and fix people. Trying to fix people is a little easier concept than loving people. Fixing is what we do naturally, if we see something different with someone we want to make them like us. It makes us feel more comfortable and right.

It is difficult for me to see a situation or a person who can't be "fixed." This is one of the reason I feel that it is so hard for dads of special needs children. We can't "fix" them. We can't make them "normal". So how do we love them as is? How can we be at peace with just loving?

There are many things in life I would love to learn. But one of the biggest is not having to answer why all the time. If I could be at peace with that I may be freed up to love.