Monday, December 16, 2013

greg the bra pastor

Day one took me to a meeting with Greg. Greg is a local pastor who has many cool traits and gifts. One of the descriptions of greg is his relationship to fighting human trafficing. He is part of an organization called free the girls. This organization not only tries and stop human trafficing they collect new and used bras. They send these bras overseas and women who have gotten out of human trafficing situations are able to start selling these bras in various countries to make a living. His church in chesterton is a warehouse and holding zone for bras. They as a church have sorting parties and there are people of all ages who have gotten involved in this cause.


I recently went to a funeral for a family friend of my wife's. I didn't know the person well, I don't actually think I had ever had a conversation with this person. As I sat in the funeral and listened to him memorialized I thought I would really have liked him, I could have learned so much from him and the way he lived his life.
At funerals there isn't to much negative stuff said. I do remember one funeral in general for a grumpy old man the nicest words the pastor could say was at least his dog liked him. But generally a funeral is a time where we say all the positives about someone that was cared and loved for. It doesn't make much sense why we do this at the funeral. Many times we talk nasty, back stab, and are just rude to people while they live yet hold them in high esteem when they die.
In Genesis one of the first things said about humans is we were made in the image of God. I think I have written a few things on this topic. I personally believe that this is a truth that changes the way we live our lives.
I am guilty of this more than anyone of putting agendas, plans, and ideas to the detriment of people. It is very easy to make people the enemy. If I honestly believe that man is one of the ways we can see the beauty and glory of God than I need to act that way. Of course we are fallen and corrupted a perfect creation. But I still believe that there is much truth in being created in the image of God.
So does this practically change my life? Theory is great, I have many theories, and ideas on a regular basis but most of the time they don't work, aren't long lasting, or even pretty bad.
I try to live life revolving around conversations. Each day I have the priviledge of meeting, and talking with people that are inspirational, amazing, surviving, and imperfect. We can dwell on the imperfections and try as hard as we can to change people. We can try and change their clothing, habits, political stance, faith structure, or anything that will make them perfect. Or we can try and show and be unconditional with our love, hope, faith, and perseverance.
I think it would kind of interesting for a while (maybe not all year Im too add for that) to highlight people I meet on a given a day. I'll try and take pictures but 1. you can't take pictures in prison/jail. 2. Random people I meet via craiglist for buying furniture may not be up for pictures.
This may not be helpful for anyone else other me. I forget so quickly those I meet even for a short snippet of time. Last Sat night I meet a couple who have an acoustic band whose songs are just about hot sauce.I met them as they bought a table from me via craigslist so the conversation in freezing cold can only go so long but the man runs a music studio. They invited me to one of their shows. Strange but intriguing. People created in the image of God creating music about hot sauce. Not to sure how that is important at all but interesting none the less.
I don't think each and every experience I have is awe inspiring or even meaningful on a deep level, but when people talk about a passion they have (many times a God given passion) conversation runs smoothly. You tend to have to end the conversation because they will go on and on. (not a bad thing but time consuming).
God teaches me things daily through other people, my problem is I am sometimes to bullheaded to listen.